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There is information that is private or secret and should remain so. In the age of smartphones and the like, protecting them is an ever greater challenge.

Numerous spy programs are available on the Internet, with which anyone can easily monitor, remotely control and spy on smartphones, tablets, computers, smartwatches, etc. It is not only possible for unscrupulous hackers or data-gathering companies to gain access to confidential and private data. Espionage is increasingly being done by private individuals.

In order to access confidential data, however, it is not absolutely necessary for one's own mobile phone to be infected with malware. Most of our apps on the smartphone have access permissions to sensitive information such as current location, cameras, microphones, our contacts, emails, photos and videos.

Use the modern technology with the good feeling of security. The Antispyshop has products ready for you that will help you to protect your privacy, your company secrets and sensitive data from unauthorized access. Take the important issue of data protection into your own hands. We'll help you with that.

Our radio-blocking bags offer protection against mobile phone tracking and tapping of your smartphone as well as protection for your "keyless" car key. Cover your smartphone cameras and webcams with a camera cover when not in use - it provides protection against camera spying. A stranger looking over your shoulder at the smartphone display? Our self-adhesive privacy filters help protect you from shoulder surfing. Our radio-shielding bags, wallets and cases protect against the reading of NFC cards and ID cards with RFID chips.

Discover our anti-spy accessories to protect your privacy, business data and property.

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