RFID / NFC protection

Criminals who act fraudulently on our behalf, use our personal details to create "fake" accounts and our bank details to shop on the Internet - the RFID/NFC technology and thus also the function of contactless payment entails a security risk that should not be underestimated .

With RFID/NFC technology, thieves and fraudsters can read out sensitive and personal data unnoticed in just a few seconds - be it from an ec card, credit card, passport, ID card or from an NFC-enabled smartphone.

Especially in places like the checkout in the supermarket, at the ticket counter or on public transport - wherever people are close together - there is a risk that data from cards, ID cards and devices will be read and stolen, even if they appear to be safe in your wallet are kept.

With a special app on the smartphone, it is possible to transmit information stored on RFID chips to the smartphone - unnoticed via radio, in a matter of seconds.

Protect yourself from skimming (RFID protection) with the RFID blockers presented here – radio-shielding bags, wallets and RFID protective covers! They are easy to use and protect against unauthorized reading of cards.

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