Protect data - prevent industrial espionage

Whether business ideas, trade secrets or internal company information - information about customers, products, conditions or technologies - smartphone espionage can quickly get sensitive information into the wrong hands.

Tiny wiretapping bugs are quickly installed and the super bug "smartphone" is almost always and everywhere with you. There is a risk that meetings and conferences will be bugged and spied on unnoticed.

To make it difficult for potential perpetrators, confidential conversations and meetings with sensitive content should take place in a secure environment.

Track down hidden eavesdropping devices with RF Detectors / Bug Finder. Stash your smartphones during meetings in radio-shielding pockets designed for multiple smartphones. Cover your smartphone cameras and webcams with a webcam cover. Protect your smartphone display from prying eyes with privacy filters and seal confidential files.

With the products presented here, you prevent industrial espionage (mobile phone monitoring, cell phone tracking, wiretapping, camera espionage), show careful handling of data and create trust in your customers and business partners.
Protect data, prevent industrial espionage

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