Protection against camera espionage

Whether compromising videos with sound recordings or precarious photos - through remote access to the cameras of our smartphones, tablets or laptops, not only us but also our surroundings can be observed, photographed and filmed - unnoticed by us. > Different camera covers in comparison < Non-hackers can access the camera of a smartphone. With little effort and little financial means, any layperson can monitor, remotely control and spy on smartphones. Numerous spy software that are very easy to use are available on the Internet.

To make it difficult for potential perpetrators to observe us via our smartphone camera or webcam or to photograph or film confidential business data unnoticed, the cameras on our end devices should be covered with a webcam cover. Put a stop to camera hacking and spy programs by protecting your webcam, cell phone camera, etc. with a camera cover when not in use.

With the camera covers presented here to protect against camera espionage / camera surveillance, you protect your privacy and business data and create trust with your friends, customers and business partners.

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